Axle Annie and the Speed Grump
Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

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ISBN 0-8037-2787-9

LibrarySparks Magazine (Aug/Sept 2006) Reader's Theater script developed by Toni Buzzeo for Axle Annie and the Speed Grump. Also an author interview (that's me). Sorry to be a little late adding this to the site!

Kirkus Reviews:
"[Tedd] Arnold gives the story a good, frenetic twist of the tail with his high velocity art work, while Pulver tempers the insanity of Hotfoot's behavior with little puns at his expense, and showcases Annie's level-headed, big-hearted protectiveness..." -- Kirkus

"Begin the lesson on bus safety with this delightful book" -- Blue Willow Book Shop

"...lives up to the high standard of its predecessor, Axle Annie... bouncy language and illustrations... a welcome message about safe driving... The exuberant cartoons conspire with the outrageous prose to present a lesson in road safety that's both goofy and memorable... All the requisite qualities of a big hit." --School Library Journal

"...the story has plenty of RPMs (riotous punny moments) to keep kids laughing out loud." -- Booklist

Author's Note:

Teachers' Guide Available!

A big concern for school bus drivers is other drivers who don't obey the safety rules. When I was writing about Axle Annie's trouble with speed grump, Rush Hotfoot, I got a lot of good advice from school bus safety experts. I also visited the transportation building at my local school district (Pittsford, NY), where I was allowed to sit in the driver's seat of a big yellow bus. I learned how to operate the safety lights and the swing-out, stop-sign arm.

When my children were growing up, I always had great respect for school bus drivers and gratitude for the care and humor they bring to the job.