Nobody's Mother is in Second Grade
Illustrated by G. Brian Karas

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Cassandra's stories about second grade are so exciting that her mother wishes she could be a student again. This wonderful classroom has singing, playacting, math--even a rabbit named Lopsy. But nobody's mother is in second grade! What's Cassandra's mom--who has even saved her old lunch box--to do?

It is Cassandra who thinks up the perfect disguise for her mother, and she sets off for school one morning with a beautiful... plant. What do plants and mothers have in common? More than you'd think, as this wacky and endearing tale shows!

- a Scholastic Book Club selection

-Starred review, Publisher's Weekly
"Pulver's ebullient tale fetchingly portrays the love and genuine friendship between a daughter and a mother who aren't afraid to act silly together." 

ISBN: 059099450-6

Author's Note:

There's something peculiar about this story: it's ridiculous! When I was writing it, I spoke with second grade teachers to find out what facts their students learn about green plants. Then I used those facts, playfully, in the story.

Question for readers: sometimes the things that make us laugh are the things we remember best. Can you find something funny in this story that helps you remember a fact about green plants?